Your digital loyalty card and CRM made simple

Launch your digital loyalty card, get to know your customers and stay in touch with them to drive more business.
With a quick and easy 5 minute setup.


Powerful, affordable and
simple to use

Rewarding Loyalty

Retain customers to drive sustainable business with loyal customers.


Stay in touch with regulars, reach out to customers who stopped coming and promote to new customers.


Affordable subscription and all costs included! No need for stamp cards or building costly apps.

Data Analytics

Find out who and how loyal your customers are, what type of customers drive most of your business and how you can improve based on crucial data.

Zero operational hassle

Quick 5 mins setup. We take care of everything so you can focus on running your business.

Fully Contactless

The customer journey is seamless and fully contactless, keeping your customers and staff safe. Embargo doesn’t require exchanging or touching any items by the staff.


Why venues
love us

Powerful and hassle-free

Your own digital loyalty scheme

  • List your venue(s) and loyalty scheme to thousands of relevant customers on the
    Embargo App
  • Reward your regulars and incentivise new customers to come back again
  • Give your customers an easy to use app with 4.7 AppStore rating
  • Ensure they never forget or lose their loyalty card again as it’s always on their phone
  • Safe for staff & customers as it’s always on
    their phone


The Portal

  • Every customer visiting you with Embargo becomes part of your online CRM system – doesn’t matter if they just walked in or booked in advance
  • Communicate with every Embargo user who visited you
  • Stay in touch with your regulars or reach out to those who stopped coming back – with a few clicks
  • Access in-depth data analytics about your business – we turn raw data into easy to use graphs and summaries so you can draw crucial conclusions fast and drive business through
    The Portal
  • Promote to thousands of new customers and attract them via emails or limited rewards
Fully contactless solution

Keep your customers and staff safe

  • Limit touching and exchanging items – this also applies to paper stamp cards and apps that require staff touching customers’ phones
  • With Embargo the whole customer interaction is fully CONTACTLESS keeping your staff and customers safe
  • To collect a stamp (coffee shops, grab&go venues) customers put their phone close to the beacon at the till (similar to Apple Pay)
  • To collect a visit (pubs, restaurants, bars) they just scan for the beacon anywhere inside the venue
  • Claiming rewards does NOT require swiping the phone by the staff either

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