20 July, 2020

Start-ups and sustainability — A tale with two tails.

By Embargo Editorial Team

It’s all about environment these days

Sustainability, environment and social responsibility are trendy words used more and more often in today’s world. The rise of Greta Thunberg to the forefront of environmental activism has been covered by newspapers globally.

Companies have been cleverly using the focus on environment and social sustainability to promote their products and drive business if there is a link, even if far-fetched. Are we at Embargo jumping on the bandwagon with our reusable cups campaign to market Embargo to existing and new users? Absolutely yes, but this is not a bad thing.

Why are we doing this?

The number of global consumers who say they are very concerned about the environment (61%) has increased since 2012 based on a study by National Geographic, but sustainable purchasing behaviour has actually decreased in the biggest markets such as the US, Germany, Japan and China. It seems that values don’t necessarily translate into actual behaviour if there is no personal gain for the consumer. The consumer wants to get something out of it, which doesn’t mean it has to be a monetary

reward. It can also be an emotional benefit or a social benefit such as being seen as cool, trendy or relevant.

At Embargo we are trying to link the values to actual behaviour by distributing our reusable cups to draw attention to the carbon footprint issue and at the same time hopefully influencing the everyday behaviour directly in a positive way. On top of it all, the consumers get it for free, so they save money too. Hereby, we can promote our loyalty and rewards platform with countless coffee shops on it to consumers in London and at the same time reduce the carbon footprint by avoiding plastic/paper coffee cups.

The more you use it the greater the impact

We should be aware that it can take between 20 and 100 uses of a reusable cup to offset its higher greenhouse gas emissions compared to a disposable cup. This goes hand in hand with what we stand for at Embargo – we reward loyalty to your favourite venues! Show with our FREE bamboo keep cups your loyalty to our planet with every coffee you have – the more you use it the greater the impact.

Companies spending actual money for a good cause and hopefully changing the behaviour of the consumer while creating value for the company is the best possible outcome that we can hope for. This also allows an early-stage start up without a huge budget to actually contribute to the positive change.

Will our small campaign have a significant impact on the global carbon footprint? Very likely not, but change starts with drawing attention to issues and people changing their behaviour step-by-step, day-by-day.

That’s why we have decided at Embargo to start it with us. Let’s have a sip and start giving a sh*t.